Medical & Nutraceutical Fulfilment

We provide medical products fulfilment and delivery services in Ontario and across Canada. Our dedicated services for non-prescribed medical items fulfilment and delivery services make it easier for healthcare providers to outsource their fulfillment services and retain their online customers for their exclusive products.
We believe that all orders are important, but medical and nutraceutical products must be handled with more care than others. Our healthcare products fulfillment allows healthcare professionals to provide more seamless care to patients, and similarly, our excellent non prescribed medical products fulfillment ensure consumers don’t have to go without the products that enhance their quality of life. Given the fragile and sensitive nature of many medical and nutraceutical orders, end-to-end care, accuracy, and speed are necessary throughout the entire fulfillment process. This ensures the prompt and protected aspects of shipping medical equipment and medical supplies.

Health & Cosmetic Fulfilment

We act as the warehouse and delivery for health & cosmetic business that do not have the infrastructure to do their own fulfilment. With a multitude of expiration dates on products, maintaining a health and beauty fulfillment warehouse can be challenging. With our dedicated fulfilment team and courier services NexShip has proven tools and processes in place to ensure our fulfillment services make running your ecommerce business easier.
Together, we take care of your business to help people look good and feel their best, and our complete fulfillment and delivery services allow you to do what you do best, while we take care of the nuts and bolts of getting products to your customers quickly and efficiently. We manage your inventory and handle all returns, pick and pack, and kitting needs for your business so control so you can focus on the business of running and building your business. Our cosmetics fulfillment services cover items such as lipstick, eyeliners, powders, creams, serums, lotions, moisturizers, and other cosmetics that require temperature control and monitoring to ensure items stay fresh and viable.

Veterinary Products Fulfilment

We make it easy for your clients to shop at your online veterinary product store. We offer your customers convenient shopping and home delivery through your own online store. With a customizable catalogue and ability to set your own prices, customers can shop for everything they need directly from you. We take care your stocks deliver to our warehouse from your distributors, recurring shipments, refill reminders and same day delivery within GTA and 02 days across Canada ensure pets get the product you recommend.

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